Monday, 23 September 2013

How to do a proffesional Manicure

The key to a perfect manicure is nail prep, I learnt Manicure, facial, massage and waxing at college so I thought I would share my knowledge...

You will need....
Top/base coat
Nail Polish
Nail file
Cuticle softening cream
Cuticle Remover
Cotton Wool
Cuticle stick
Nail Varnish Remover 
A bowl with warm water

1 File your nails in one direction to the desired
length and shape.
2.Rub Cuticle Softening cream into your nails
massaging for a minute. Leave excess on.
3. Place hand into the warm water - adding
some nail oil to the water will make your cuticles
even easier to remove.

4 Apply cuticle remover gel onto nails
leaving for one minute.
5. Push back cuticles with the cuticle stick, removing
the cuticle that comes off
and clean under the free edge
with the pointed side.

6. Clean nails with nail varnish remover
      to remove any grease.
                                                                    7. Paint the base/top coat onto the nails
                                                                    starting with the thumb and going
                                                                            to the little finger next.

8. Once dry, paint on your chosen colour-
again starting with the thumb
going onto the little finger.
Repeat all nails with a second coat once dry.
9.Once colour is completely dry add the top coat. 


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