Monday, 23 September 2013

How to do a proffesional Manicure

The key to a perfect manicure is nail prep, I learnt Manicure, facial, massage and waxing at college so I thought I would share my knowledge...

You will need....
Top/base coat
Nail Polish
Nail file
Cuticle softening cream
Cuticle Remover
Cotton Wool
Cuticle stick
Nail Varnish Remover 
A bowl with warm water

1 File your nails in one direction to the desired
length and shape.
2.Rub Cuticle Softening cream into your nails
massaging for a minute. Leave excess on.
3. Place hand into the warm water - adding
some nail oil to the water will make your cuticles
even easier to remove.

4 Apply cuticle remover gel onto nails
leaving for one minute.
5. Push back cuticles with the cuticle stick, removing
the cuticle that comes off
and clean under the free edge
with the pointed side.

6. Clean nails with nail varnish remover
      to remove any grease.
                                                                    7. Paint the base/top coat onto the nails
                                                                    starting with the thumb and going
                                                                            to the little finger next.

8. Once dry, paint on your chosen colour-
again starting with the thumb
going onto the little finger.
Repeat all nails with a second coat once dry.
9.Once colour is completely dry add the top coat. 


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Me Me Me

One of my earliest memories is being dragged to school kicking and screaming because I didn't want to wear what my Mum had dressed me in...OK maybe not kicking and screaming, I have always wavered on dramatic but there were definitely tears, and a Minnie mouse t-shirt.

A few short years later I spent my birthday money on a shell suit *hangs head in shame* and adored it.This was the early nineties so I can be forgiven?! I loved every inch of that scratchy polyester two-piece and I am pretty sure it was prized off me to be washed equaling more tears. Through my teenage years I would do my Nan's ironing so I could order clothes out of her catalogue and god bless her, being the wonderful nan she is, she would always let me order items before a floral skirt had even hit the ironing board....

I had the usual arguments growing with my parents over clothes, apparently wearing a boob tube and Adidas popper trousers ( I looked up to Mel C - what can I say) wasn't acceptable and
 'I wasn't going out like that so get changed...NOW'  ( Dad )
Off i sulked putting a jumper on over the top of said boob tube, although admittedly it was taken off as soon as I was around the corner....
 Mum would often make the mistake of trusting me to pick sensible clothes without her.
 ' Deanne I'm trusting you to get a school coat, something sensible please that will be warm'
I came home with a paper thin TopShop Cream Jacket that cost fourty quid and I loved it although yes, admittedly I was very cold that winter.
Many would think Mum would of learnt her lesson but being the lovely women she is, she trusted me to pick shoes for my first job as a waitress.
'Deanne I'm trusting you to get shoes, something sensible please, you will be on your feet all day'
New Look platform Shoes with 6 inch heels. Suffice to say. I didn't make a very good waitress.

Fast forward many years and I still adore clothes and whats even better is I now have my own money to make non sensible choices with, although I also have a husband who must be the only man who doesn't fall for 'oh this old thing? I've had it years darling'.....

What are your early memories of fashion? and please show a raise of hands if you too owned a shell suit.....

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Evening all, I hope you had a lovely weekend, mine consisted of last minute
drinks in London with friends, missing the last train and a very expensive taxi ride home. I will grow up one day Mum I promise....

Recently I purchased Urban Decay Naked Palette and I want to discuss. Now most of you know how good this product is, no big news here...
'Urban Decay Naked palette is great, da bomb, totes amaze' (insert generic description for good here) but to me big news it is.... 

Now I have seen the You-Tube videos, read the blogs and I must admit have been sucked in with the hype -yes I'm easily led - Saturday night being a prime example, now admittedly it has took me a few Months to commit to purchasing - £36 for eyeshadow??!! because for me, it's never been about eye shadow - foundation yes, concealer yes, blush oh yes but eye shadow? that looks a nice colour and it's cheap - I'll get that! 

Oh how my opinion  has changed. I didn't know eye shadow could be this good and yes granted it isn't going to cure aids, but do you know what - it makes my eyes pretty, stays on all day and has the texture of fairy dust -so there. (if I could stick out my tongue here I would). I also only have little eyes so it should last me a while....but on a serious note I will use every colour, which is unusual for an eye shadow pallet - there is not a hint of lilac in sight here. You can create day time and evening looks easily. Included is the Primer Potion and the Good Karma Shadow brush, to me the brush is a bit stiff to use but I will probably use it for highlighting under the brow. The palette consists of 12 neutral shades (by no means does neutral equate to boring) which are highly pigmented and they blend really well. My favorite at the moment being  Half baked blended with Smog. The packaging is dressing table friendly and as sophisticated as the shadows inside.
 Urban Decay I salute you 

Is there any other hyped up products that are actually worth the hype given? let me know, I shouldn't spend any more really but it can be our secret....!